Frequently Asked Questions


Please book online, before you arrive, by clicking here. This will also allow you to see availability.

Please click here to see our prices or instructions on how to make a campsite booking.

If you have any trouble, please email stay@charlotteplains.com.au.

If you have not paid, you can cancel your booking through the cancel‘ link in your emails. If you have any trouble, please email stay@charlotteplains.com.au.

If you need to make changes, please click on the “Edit” button at the bottom of your booking reservation. However, you cannot edit a booking once it is Paid – you must contact a member of staff.

Please click here to see our Payment and Refund Policy.

Guests are required to pay 5 days prior to arrival and will be emailed a reminder. This is in case of any weather events that may make it difficult to access the property.

However, if you would like to pay earlier – you can click on the “Pay Now” button on the bottom right of your booking reservation.

You must make payment, prior to arrival at Charlotte Plains. Cash will not be accepted upon arrival.

Please click here to see our Payment and Refund Policy.

We are flexible with date changes for the Bore Campsite. However, please still book as soon as you can and we can adjust your dates closer to your stay. You must have a booking and make payment, prior to arrival at Charlotte Plains.

Availability for accommodation and the Shearers Campsite (Powered) is limited, so please be more specific with dates.

Please click here to see our Payment and Refund Policy.

Camp spots are not allocated so you can choose on arrival!

If you are travelling as a large group with other vehicles, we recommend arriving at the Bore Campsite together. It could be difficult to save spots for late arrivals but there is plenty of space, so it’s up to each group to organise this.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot camp within 15m of baths along the Bore Drain.

If you are wishing to pre-plan where to camp, please review, click and screenshot the map by clicking here. However, please note – you do not need to reserve what zone you go to.

You do not need to book the baths and there is NO extra cost to use them, if you have booked an overnight stay. Baths are used by all guests and can be used any time or day. However, there is a cost for the Private Bathing Experience. Please click here for more information.

If you are not staying the night, please purchase a Day Pass.

Please click here to find out more.

Peak Season: April – October (during the cooler months). Although, this does not mean we are always busy.

Our busiest period is mid June to mid July (within the QLD, NSW, and VIC school holidays). This is also due to the number of events happening during this period. Our second busiest period is the Easter school holidays and September school holidays.

Off-Peak Season: November – March (during the warmer months). Please understand that this is a harsher time of year to be camping and we have limited staff during this period. Our Bore Campsite and Shearers Campsite will be open for bookings and whilst it is generally peaceful and quiet, the temperatures can be high and less desirable. Our Accommodation can be closed and you will need to check availability by emailing stay@charlotteplains.com.au or checking online.

Yes, this is possible! The Private Bathing Hut is considered one site and costs $150.00 to stay overnight. Additional vehicles/sites will be required to pay the Bore Campsite pricing. Please email us at stay@charlotteplains.com.au to arrange this.

Please enquire about doing a tour at the beginning of your stay and the CP Team will do their best to accommodate. You cannot book online or pre-book via email/phone.

Robyn offers tours of the property, woolshed, bore, cemetery, and room of memorabilia to guests.

Find out more about our tours here.

Please note: We accept card and contactless payments only.

Gift certificates can be purchased here.


Once you have booked your stay, you will be emailed a detailed map of Charlotte Plains.

The Bore Campsite & Baths are located 4km off the highway.

The Shearers Campsite & Accommodation are located approx. 17 – 22km off the highway (depending on where you are travelling from).

Travelling from Cunnamulla: The Bore Campsite is located approx. 50km (40 mins) from Cunnamulla.

Travelling from Bollon: The Bore Campsite is located approx. 135km (1.5hrs) from Bollon.

We are on UHF channel 26.

Click here for transport information.

Yes, we generally request check-in (especially during busier periods). We normally have staff or volunteer camp hosts at the Bore and Shearers Campsites to do this for you. Please go directly to where you are booked in (Bore Campsite, Shearers Campsite or Accommodation). If no one is available on arrival, please use the UHF radio available or come and find staff later. They are not there 24/7.

For the accommodation, Check-In time is 2.00pm and Check-Out time is 10.00am. Late departure requests are subject to approval by management.

We are on UHF channel 26.

If you are staying at the Bore Campsite, there is 4KM of unsealed, good dirt road coming off the bitumen highway at the Creek Road (Widgeegoarra) entrance.

Once you have reserved your stay, you will be emailed a Property Map. This shows other distances around the property.

All roads are perfectly suitable for 2 wheel drive vehicles, as long as there hasn’t been any recent rain. Roads are flat and generally in good condition. If you have any hesitations, please email stay@charlotteplains.com.au or call 0745 888 804.

Please understand that after recent rain, the roads at Charlotte Plains can be rough and have pools of water. It has been extremely hard to maintain and upgrade the roads throughout this abnormally wet season in the Outback.

NOTE: We are on UHF channel 26. Do not attempt to drive when it has been or is raining, as you will get bogged. A $50 fee per vehicle, applies to those who require pulling out. This has become necessary as we travel 23km to do this.

Please check our Facebook and Instagram before you arrive, as we will generally post updates. You can check if there is any predicted rain prior to your arrival here.

If you have any hesitations, please call 0745 888 804 or email stay@charlotteplains.com.au.

Time: Please be considerate to other guests, wishing to have a bath. Due to the mineral content of the water and the 40°C temperature, it is recommended to only stay in the tubs/water for 20 minutes.

Jewellery: You may wish to remove your silver jewellery, as the water may taint it or cause discolouration. When the sulphur combines with silver, it produces silver sulphide. This creates a layer of black on the silver.


  • Please drink lots of water before you go in and when you get out, as the combination of minerals and heat could lead to unexpected dehydration.
  • If you have any health issues, we strongly recommend not going into the tubs/water alone (especially at night).
  • No glass
  • No running and no diving in Bore Drain (shallow water)
  • Young children must be supervised at all times

Please click here to find out more information.

We are an active working sheep property and there is always plenty to see and do!

Children will generally stay entertained at the Bore Head – swimming, Kayaking, Yabby catching, or exploring the surroundings. We generally have a variety of pets at the homestead to also visit and feed.

We also have over 165 species of birds to look out for, as well as, beautiful sunsets and star-lit skies.

Find out more here.

Depending on the time of year:

– Broad brim hat (or we sometimes have caps for sale!)

– Lighting (torch and spare batteries, camp lanterns)

– Clothing (flannel/work shirts, shorts, thick and heavy jacket, long pants/jeans, warm PJS, swimmers, thick socks, crocs/thongs (lots of prickles in the dirt and easy to slip on), runners/sand shoes/work boots)

– Toiletries (sunscreen, body and face moisturiser (the Artesian water is full of wonderful minerals but can be slightly drying on the skin), lip balm)

– Food (cannot be purchased onsite)

– Drinking water (if you don’t like the taste of Bore water)

– Ice (cannot be purchased onsite)

– Rubbish bags

Dogs are definitely welcome!

Please do ensure that you follow the rules:

  • They are well-behaved and any mess they make in the communal areas is cleaned up.
  • They must be on a lead, if within common areas of the Bore. If you are on a bush walk, they can come off-lead.
  • No dogs allowed in bath tubs or in the main area of the Bore Drain (can take them further down the drain).
  • No dogs allowed at Private Bathing Hut but they can be tied up to your vehicle or somewhere else suitable in the surrounding area.
  • No dogs allowed inside the rooms at the Shearers Quarters (must be kept on a leash outside the room).
  • Also – no chasing any sheep please!

Flies can be an issue – depending on the season, temperature and weather. Generally – they are not, but if you want to be really prepared – you can bring a fly/mosquito net. Sometimes, we have these available for purchase in the Merch Hut.

Yes, there are. If you camp within the maintained and slashed areas of the campsite, you are less likely to experience burrs and prickles. It is always recommended to use footwear as there can be nasty goats head thorns. If you take a walk outside the camp area (through the grass), you will often pickup gidgee burr and spear grass in your socks and shoe laces (dependant on the seasons).

Yes, we do. However, please be respectful of other people’s privacy and abide by the CASA drone rules. We have thousands of acres to fly so people go away from people and not fly over them or their campsites.


Bore Campsite: Hot Artesian Baths, WIFI*, New Ablution Block with 3 flushing toilets and 3 showers, 2 toilets/shower combo, several long drops around the Campsite

Shearers Campsite: Camp cooking utensils, Shared Laundry, WIFI*, 3 flushing toilets, 2 showers

Shearers Accommodation: Camp cooking utensils, Shared Laundry, Shared Kitchen, Clean linen & towels, Air conditioning, WIFI*, Shared Bathroom (3 flushing toilets, 2 showers)

Merino Cabin (2 Bedroom Self-Contained): Kitchenette (with a refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove, toaster, kettle, cutlery, and cooking utensils), Bathroom, Clean linen & towels, Air Conditioning, Deck with a BBQ, WIFI*, Shared washing machine available at Shearers Accommodation (only 100 metres away)

* WIFI: 10 mins Free WIFI, then paid-for service at $10 for 3 days. There is NO 3G, 4G, or 5G phone reception.

  • Two fridges
  • Microwave
  • Oven and gas hob top inside
  • Campfire hotplate and cooking equipment
  • Plates, cups, cutlery, eating utensils
  • Outside BBQ

There is no 3G, 4G or 5G phone reception.

As much as we encourage having a break from your phone – we do have WIFI at the Bore Campsite & Shearers Quarters.

You have access to 10 minutes of free usage. You can only use this in one sitting. Once that is over, you can then pay $10 for unlimited usage over 3 days.

NOTE: Services are generally very stable and uninterrupted. However, during prolonged periods of cloudy weather – solar power and batteries can cut out and therefore, interrupt the internet. If you have paid for internet services and experience outages due to power, then you are welcome to request a refund.

Bore water is suitable to drink and can be potted to use for your caravan or campsite. However, please bring bottled water, if you don’t like the taste.

At the Bore Camp Grounds

Yes, there is Artesian water with taps at the shed, toilet block and a separate washing up area.

At the Shearers Quarters

Yes, there are taps available for both bore water and rain water. Rain water is only to be used for daily consumption and not to be used for refilling water tanks to be taken away.

Food is not available and you will need to bring your own food for your stay. The nearest town is Cunnamulla which is located 40 mins (approx. 50km) away.

Charlotte Plains holds a liquor license and our “Bore Baa” is usually open during our high peak times, late in the afternoon. The area around the hut operates under a liquor license and therefore, only alcohol purchased from the bar, can be consumed in this area.

The “Bore Baa” is not open everyday (sometimes we have to look after our sheep!). It generally has the same opening hours as the Merch hut/shop and is dependent on staff. You are welcome to enquire onsite.

Please note: We accept card and contactless payments only.

There is no dump-point on-site. The closest dump-point is located in town at Cunnamulla (50km drive) or if travelling East, then Bollon.

Please help us keep the campsite tidy by taking your rubbish with you. There are no bins in the two main camp areas. However, you are welcome to dispose of your rubbish in our ‘Station Tip.’

As stated on-site: Use WIFI call to contact 000 or call Homestead on UHF channel 26 and say “Charlotte Plains, we have an emergency at the [Bore Campsite/Shearers Quarters].

Yes – generators are permitted between the hours of 8:00am and 8.00pm only.

Fires are permitted. There is wood available for your own collection.

We do not have defined campsites, as this gives campers the flexibility to create a big circle (in big groups and individually). Please assist us to keep it this way by ensuring you dowse your fire with water, prior to departure or going to bed. Please do not bury fires so other campers can see where they are.

If you wish to view the merch during your stay, please enquire with a staff member and they will do their best to accommodate. The Merch Hut is open on occasion, and we accept card and contactless payments only.

Merchandise is not available to purchase online.

Want to stay with us?

Please secure your reservation by Booking Now. We are fairly flexible with date changes.

Room accommodation is limited so to guarantee your spot, please be more specific with your dates.