Hot Artesian Bathing

Artesian Bathing at Charlotte Plains
At Charlotte Plains, we offer an exceptional Artesian bathing experience for all. You can relax in the outdoor setting and simply unwind, washing all the stresses and worries about your day away.

With a water source that is naturally heated to a near perfect 42oC, many of our guests have found comfort in using the baths at night simply to be out under the stars and just be at peace with the world. The water you’ll be bathing in is the start of a long chain, and will eventually be sent to all corners of our 67,000 acre property and used to keep the stock well-watered.

The bore was first sunk in 1892, and since then it has never stopped flowing, which is no wonder as it makes use of water from the great artesian basin that covers nearly a fifth of all Australia (which makes it the largest and deepest in the world).
What is an Artesian Bath?
Artesian baths are formed by underground water that has been confined and pressurised within a geological formation. It is this pressure that heats and pushes the water to the surface forming the natural baths. Soaking in the natural water is perfect for alleviating body aches and pains, and rejuvenating your spirit!
The Benefits of Hot Artesian Springs
The water in Artesian baths is often saturated with a variety of minerals and these are often specific to each location. As the water spends time underground it is naturally purified and it will take on many of the minerals from the surrounding geological elements.
Artesian Springs have several potential benefits for the mind and body. Some of these include:

Relaxation: Artesian baths can help relax muscles and relieve tension, which can reduce stress levels and promote feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Pain relief: The warmth of the water can help alleviate muscle and joint pain and reduce inflammation, making it a potential therapy for conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and back pain.

Improved circulation: The heat from the water can also help improve blood flow and circulation, which can promote healing and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. As well as, increased energy and better organ function.

Detoxification: The minerals and other natural elements found in artesian baths may help to detoxify the body by removing toxins and promoting the elimination of waste.

Skin health: The minerals found in artesian baths, such as sulphur, can help improve skin health by reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and promoting the growth of healthy skin cells.

The experience many people get from simply having a twenty minute dip in the water is total relaxation and alleviation of muscle pain and soreness. Due to the intense heat, it is best to have breaks in between soaks to allow your body temperature to return to normal. Please also remember to stay hydrated when you’re in the water!
In regards to the medical benefits of bathing in Artesian water Associate Professor Wardle said, “It tends to be mainly musculoskeletal or rheumatoid-type conditions, although there are quite a few studies linking it with low blood pressure as well for the mineral content.” (ABC, 2019).
What makes Artesian Water?
The term “artesian” refers to a type of well in which water is forced to the surface due to pressure from an underground aquifer. When accessing water from underground there are usually a couple of different methods used. The first is where you drill down and use a pump to get the water to the surface, the other is when you drill into the water basin, but the water is forced to the surface through underground pressure. It is the natural process of pressure and additional filtration that makes the water Artesian.
The main difference between Artesian water and surface water (from lakes and rivers) is that it’s not exposed to contaminants. This makes it a much cleaner source of water that is ideal for drinking and bathing.

Artesian baths have been used all over the world, and besides the many health benefits it is one of the best naturally filtered sources of water. With all the natural minerals present in the water and the underground rock bed filtering the water there is no need to chemically treat the water. That makes it a superior choice for anyone with skin sensitivities.

Why do you need a Hot Artesian Spring experience?

If you haven’t experienced an Artesian bath before then you’re in for an absolute treat. The warm water and natural setting will see you enjoying the relaxing baths as the natural minerals in the water flow over your body. As the baths are situated outside and exposed to the elements, they’ll offer you an experience that you won’t soon forget.

Tips to keep in mind

Sharing is caring: Please be considerate to other guests, wishing to have a bath. Due to the mineral content of the water and the 40°C temperature, it is recommended to only stay in the tubs/water for 20 minutes.

Water: Please drink lots of water before you go in and when you get out, as the combination of minerals and heat could lead to unexpected dehydration.

Jewellery: You may wish to remove your silver jewellery, as the water may taint it or cause discolouration. When the sulphur combines with silver, it produces silver sulphide. This creates a layer of black on the silver.

– No glass.

– No running and no diving in Bore Drain (shallow water).

– Young children must be supervised at all times.

Health & Safety Issues

If you have any health issues, we strongly recommend not going into the tubs/water alone (especially at night).

Over-exposure: Please limit your bathing time to 20 minutes at a time. Over-exposure can occur from both high temperatures and dehydration, and can cause nausea, dizziness, and fainting.

Pregnancy: It is typically recommended not to use the Hot Artesian Springs, during pregnancy so please consult your doctor prior. However, if you do, we recommend running a bath and letting the water sit for a while (to lower the water temperature), before hopping in. As well as, limiting to 10 minutes or less, and monitoring your body temperature to avoid overheating.

Heart Problems: Heat and increased circulation, combined with medications (especially blood-thinners and certain blood pressure medications) can cause light-headedness and nausea. People with heart problems should consult their doctors before having a Hot Artesian Bath.

Open Sores: Broken skin is much more susceptible to infection from bacteria. In addition, open sores in a bathtub can spread infections to other users.

Alcohol: The heat and circulation of a hot tub accentuate the effects of drinking, which can cause increased drowsiness, dehydration, and impaired judgement. This can lead to the increased risk of accidents, overheating and drowning.

Elderly: The elderly should consult with their doctor, before having a Hot Artesian Bath.