Property Tours

Self Driven Property Tour
While we strive to offer guided property tours consistently, unfortunately due to staffing and other challenges, we are unable to do so. To combat this, we created our Tour and History Books which allows guests to take themselves on a self-driven tour of the property!

The self-guided tour includes stops at:

1. Charlotte Plains Bore
2. Jack’s Hut
3. The Woolshed
4. The Cemetery

Pick up a copy online or at the merch hut!
Purchase your copy onsite at the Merch Hut or online here.
IMPORTANT: You must purchase a Tour and History Book to participate in a Self Driven Property Tour. You will be given a Tour Permit when you purchase your book. If you purchased your Book online, please visit the Merch Hut prior to your Tour to collect your permit.

Guided Property Tours
We enjoy providing Guided Property Tours, but staffing constraints can make it challenging to guarantee availability during your stay. Guided tours can be arranged for large group bookings or upon special request. During peak periods, more tours are typically scheduled.

While Charlotte Plains Property Tours makes every effort to provide on-time service, you need to allow for some flexibility in departure and length of tour times. If touring on the bus, it can depend on who is being picked up from where and how many questions are asked during the tours. If you have tight timelines to meet for another event, it is worth mentioning before the tour starts, or consider a tag along in your own vehicle so you can depart in your own time. There are a number of factors that also cause delays or cancellations including; weather, Robyn’s availability, road conditions, mechanical problems, or any other cause or condition beyond our control. Charlotte Plains Property Tours reserves the right to cancel or change any tour.

Seating is on a booking basis. The bus has a max. of 20 passengers but if booked out or if preferred, you are also welcome to follow along in your own vehicle.

Subject to demand and special requests, other tour days may be available and quite often are run more often in peak periods.

As much as we love pets, unfortunately – no dogs or cats are permitted on the bus.