Weather & Roads

What if there has been recent rain or it has been forecasted?
Please understand that after recent rain, the roads at Charlotte Plains can be rough and have pools of water. It has been extremely hard to maintain and upgrade the roads throughout this abnormally wet season in the Outback.

Please check our Facebook and Instagram before you arrive, as we will generally post updates. You can check if there is any predicted rain prior to your arrival here.

As a general guide, more than 5mm might mean waiting a few hours to let the roads dry out (4WDs are usually fine). More than 10mm means waiting longer but generally, things dry out pretty quickly.

NOTE: Do not attempt to drive when it has been or is raining, as you will get bogged. A $50 fee per vehicle, applies to those who require pulling out. This has become necessary as we travel 23km to do this.
What are the property roads like?
If you are staying at the Bore Campsite, there is 4KM of unsealed, good dirt road coming off the bitumen highway at the Creek Road (Widgeegoarra) entrance.

Once you have reserved your stay, you will be emailed a Property Map. This shows other distances around the property.

All roads are perfectly suitable for 2 wheel drive vehicles, as long as there hasn’t been any recent rain. Roads are flat and generally, in good condition. If you have any hesitations, please email or call 0745 888 804.