Camp Zones

Choosing where to camp at the Bore
At Charlotte Plains, camp spots at the Bore Campsite are not allocated so you can choose on arrival!

If you are travelling as a large group with other vehicles, we recommend arriving at the Bore Campsite together. Depending on the time of year, it could be difficult to save spots for late arrivals.

If you are wishing to pre-plan where to camp, please review, click and screenshot the map below. However, please note – you do not need to reserve what zone you go to.

Zone 1:
– Normal rules apply re noise (website FAQs)
– Likely to have other campers around you
– Close to all main amenities

Zone 2:
– Groups wishing to make loud noise, IE. run generators/play music/party (beyond 9pm)
– Campers wishing to get away from the normal crowds/have more space with privacy/be shaded with trees
– Further from baths and facilities but with tracks cut through to communal areas