Stars of Charlotte Plains – June 2023

A Weekend To Remember
The Stars of Charlotte Plains event that took place at Charlotte Plains from June 23 – 26 2023 offered attendees a diverse range of activities and experiences.

“Who would have thought 100 years have passed and the Nagel/Russell family are still here at Charlotte Plains in Cunnamulla. There has been many trials, tribulations, droughts, floods, and celebrations. It has been a roller coaster. For our 100th year anniversary, we came together to celebrate 580 guests over 3 days. We had stars above and everyone who attended, was a star in my eyes. Thank you all for being our guest and hopefully, you will return one day to our sheep station in the outback. Please don’t wait 100 years though!” – Robyn Russell

Highlights of the event included:

Live Music: A diverse line-up of music acts. There were performances by Redneck Gentlemen, Amy Ryan, Andrew Ryan, Claire Russell, Gold Creek Band and Chris Vineburg.

Hot Artesian Baths: Relax and unwind in our Hot Artesian Baths.

Themed Fun Run: Guests had the opportunity to take part in a muddy-themed fun run.

Friday Night Movie Night: The event kicked off with a Friday night movie screening
for the kids.

Delicious Food: Delicious food options were available for purchase from vendors – Outback Grazing & Co (Wood Fired Pizzas), St George Bakery, and Butchers Block & Fruitalicious. We also had a lamb spit!

Campfire Socializing: Guests could gather around the campfire, providing an opportunity to meet and mingle with people from various locations.

CP’s Got Talent: A talent showcase allowed participants to display their skills, adding to the entertainment.

Petting Zoo: A petting zoo was on-site, offering our guests a chance to interact with friendly animals.

Tug-of-War: A tug-of-war competition provided a fun and competitive activity.

Yabby Delve: Participants could explore and engage in yabby delving.

Spectacular Natural Views: There were breathtaking sunrises, stargazing opportunities, and beautiful sunsets.

Prizes: Numerous prizes were up for grabs, adding an element of excitement to the event.

It was a fantastic and fun weekend, that combined entertainment, relaxation and outdoor activities. Thank you to everyone who joined us and made it an unforgettable time.