Horses have been part of Charlotte Plains since before i can remember. There are three race tracks on the property of which two were for training and one was for race meetings. Whilst we no longer train horses at CP anymore and nor are they used for station work, Charlotte Plains would just not be the same without them.

Shearing Shed Slider

This shearing shed used to put through up to 60,000 sheep in its hay day and had 24 shearing stands. Today we only shear about 1,000 sheep per year, as we have introduced Meat Sheep which do not need shearing as they shed their own wool. We have more of an even balance between Sheep and Cattle.

The Borehead since 1892

The Turnworth Artesian Bore was drilled in 1892 to a depth of 561 metres. A vast amount of water flows from this bore and travels along boredrains or through piping to troughs to water the animals on the property.

Guests find that this is a great destination where they may camp without Power, relax and wallow or lie back in old bath tubs and enjoy the hot mineral water as they gaze at the stars, the sunsets or sun rises.